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2024 Rules
US Road Running Race Series Rules Regulations
The US Road Running Live Race Series runs yearly from January 1 to December 31. All participants are automatically enrolled in the series once they complete a US Road Running qualifying race. Qualifying races are any race events hosted by US Road Running and say they are part of the series. Points will be awarded in each age category, male and female, for each qualifying race. Only the top three participants with the most points for each age category, male and female, at the end of the series, will receive a series award. Points are awarded based on the table below. There will not be any ties. All times are based on gun times. Awards will be mailed out on February 1st.

Live Race Point Chart:
1st place = 20 points
2nd place = 18 points
3rd place = 16 points
4th place = 14 points
5th place = 12 points
6th place = 10 points
7th place = 8 points
8th place = 6 points
9th place = 4 points
10th place = 2 points
Participation Points = 2 points

Virtual Race Point Chart:
1st place = 10 points
2nd place = 9 points
3rd place = 8 points
4th place = 7 points
5th place = 6 points
6th place = 5 points
7th place = 4 points
8th place = 3 points
9th place = 2 points
10th place = 1 points
Participation Points = 1 points

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