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Results include all virtual races for the month. If you post more than one virtual race for the month, only your fastest time will show on the results. You can post your finish time by clicking on post results. Or you can compete with the results if you have a GPS smart phone. Select what results you would like to compete with and click on compete with results.
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1 1F Avatar Sarah Ribis from OH. 35 F 00:20:44
2 1M Avatar Peter O Donoghue from PA. 59 M 00:23:32
3 2M Avatar Matt Schrader from MN. 44 M 00:25:56
4 2F Avatar Jessica Liston from VA. 40 F 00:26:58
5 3M Avatar Michael Fleming from FL. 66 M 00:26:58
6 3F Avatar Jen Hart from MN. 41 F 00:27:13
7 4F Avatar Meng Tee from TX. 50 F 00:28:00
8 5F Avatar Lauren Bussells from MD. 37 F 00:29:11
9 4M Avatar Ben Burchfield from PA. 39 M 00:29:56
10 6F Avatar Christen Lamberti from IL. 41 F 00:30:00
11 5M Avatar Cole Lamberti from IL. 10 M 00:30:00
12 6M Avatar Ethan Lamberti from IL. 7 M 00:30:00
13 7F Avatar Kylie Lamberti from IL. 11 F 00:30:00
14 7M Avatar Calvin Turnage from TX. 56 M 00:38:47
15 8F Avatar Cecylee Pierre from TX. 43 F 00:38:55
16 8M Avatar Chad Frey from KS. 50 M 00:39:55
17 9F Avatar Melanie Truempy from PA. 44 F 00:42:00
18 10F Avatar Patty Grove from WI. 51 F 00:57:48
19 9M Avatar Ivan Lopez from PR. 57 M 01:45:46

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