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Missy Wolfrays - Race Timing Manager.

How does it work?
Run/Walk at any location you want. You can use the treadmill, run outside, your own course, another race, or get your running group together. You can run the event any day, any time, or any place you want. For more events go to

What is a Virtual Race?
A Virtual Race is a federal trademark by US Road Running. It is a race that can be run/walked any time, any place or any location. Federal trademark sn 86511866. To view Virtual Races go to Other races that are federal trademarked by US Road Running are Pirate, Viking, Movie Madness, Pie Gobbler, Get Out and Run, and Ninja.

When are medals mailed out?
Most virtual race packages are mailed out the next business day after registration. If you did not receive yours please check the shipping status in your purchase history, or check the event page to see when the medals will be mailed out. If you have questions about shipping contact Patty. Her email is

How do I post results?
Option 1: You can post your results to our webpage. Go to click on the menu button in the upper left corner and then click on 'My Races'.

Option 2: You can use our US Road Running Virtual Race app to post your results. App Link

Note: The app may not work on all phones.

How is the My Races page is organized and how does it work?
The My Races page was created for a quick and easy access to all the races you have registered. It is divided up in three sections.

Training Log Calendar - Shows a calendar that you are able to enter and modify your normal daily runs. Challenges and competitions events use the data entered in the training log to track your progress. The US Road Running Apps will automatically save your runs to the training log.

My Open Live Races and Virtual Races - Shows all the live and virtual races that you are still eligible to run. An eligible virtual race is a virtual race that you have not posted a time on, or live race that has not taken place yet.

My Historical Races Live and Virtual - Shows all the ineligible races you have done both live and virtual, and will always display below the other two sections. You can't edit any posted times, and is a way to keep track of your progress.

Can I post photos?
We would love to see your photos. Please post your photos and stories to our Facebook Group.

Do I have to post my time to receive a medal?
No, you will receive your medal regardless. We do however encourage all to post their results.

Are the medals engraved?
No, but you have the option to purchase a customized name plate that will attach to the back of the medal that is engraved.

Can I mail in my registration?

1) Print out a Race Form.
2) Fillout the race form. Form must be completely filled out, signed, and include payment.
3) Mail to the address below.

Mail it to:
US Road Running
4169 N George Street Ext
Manchester, PA 17345

Do we ship outside of the United States?
Yes, we do ship internationally with a shipping charge. Shipping with in the United States is free.

What charities does US Road Running support?
US Road Running was founded with goal to encourage everyone to get healthy and active by getting out and run/walk. Our primary focus is to the athlete to encourage them to stay active, and not to raise funds for any particular organization. Having said that we do partner with many schools and charities and let them use our events to help them raise funds. We also as a company donate funds and equipment to our community encouraging the next generation to live a healthy and active life style.

US Road Running is currently looking for non profits and schools that want to use our races for fundraising. For more information contact

How do you become a member of the 5K, 10K and Half Marathon Club?
If you register in the current year for 12 US Road Running qualifying races (Live or Virtual), you will automatically be a member of the 5K, 10K or Half Marathon Club. You do not have to sign up for this club. It will start over every year so that you can earn the club medals every year.