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Epilepsy Awareness Virtual Race

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Virtual Race Medal Epilepsy Awareness (G)

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What is Epilepsy?
Epilepsy is often referred to as a "seizure disorder." Seizures are the main symptom of this disease. Epilepsy usually occurs in children or in older adults, and the seizures are often the first sign that a person is affected by this issue. Seizures might be triggered by a high fever, a lack of sleep or an illness, bright or flashing lights, medications or drugs and even skipping meals or eating specific foods. Seizures occur without warning in some cases, while some people are able to identify seizure triggers.

How does it work?
Step 1: Register for the event. We mail out your medal and bib after you register. You do not have to wait for your package to earn your medal.
Step 2: Earn your medal by Running/ Walking/ Hiking/ Cycling/ Swimming/ Mountain Biking/ Rowing/ Downhill Skiing/ Cross-Country Skiing/ Snowboarding/ Skating/ Wheelchair/ Nordic Walking/ Camping/ Elliptical/ Duathlon/ Triathlon or any other way you would like.
Step 3: Update your results after you finish. Your results are only displayed on the result page if you want them to be.

What will I receive with my registration?
3 inch finisher medal with a colorful insert in the middle of the medal and 1.5 inch colorful ribbon.
Race bib.
Price includes shipping inside the US.
Engraving plates are add on options.

What distance is this race?
1 Mile, 5K, 5 Miles, 10K, 10 Miles, 13.1 Miles, 25 Miles, 50 Miles, 100 Miles, or you have the option to select other.

Awards Program
This virtual race qualifies for the
US Road Running Club

How do I post photos to our social media?
- Facebook Group
- Twitter
- Instagram
- Pinterest
Include #usroadrunning when posting.

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