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Reindeer Series

Virtual Race Medal
Virtual Race Medal Reindeer Set (CR)

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Story of all the Reindeer!
Santa's Reindeer "Blitzen" Story
Blitzen is tough as nails and doesn't let anybody push her around. Her stubborn attitude, problem solving skills and ability to adopt quickly to change has placed her as the second in command despite her younger age. She sometimes butts heads with Donner (literally) but has a deep respect and adoration for him.

Santa's Reindeer "Comet" Story
Comet is the reckless youth, the head strong hotshot. He's very skilled, but shows poor judgement from his lack of experience, so he is always getting into trouble. He is the fastest of the group and shows little humility, often bragging or showing off. He has a good heart!

Santa's Reindeer "Cupid" Story
A gentle soul and a rather big flirt. Cupid is the second oldest. He enjoys fraternizing with the females, but he is always a gentleman about it! He also prefers to go along with the flow of things instead of arguing. His mate is Vixen, but he's paired with Comet so he focuses on working instead of flirting.

Santa's Reindeer "Dancer" Story
The youngest of all! Dancer is sweet, excitable and full of boundless energy. She is very nimble, albeit a little weak. She can be easily distracted and prone to frolic, so she is placed next to Dasher in hopes he can help even her out!

Santa's Reindeer "Dasher" Story
Dasher is an all-around nice guy that gets along with everybody! He's quick on his feet and reliable, never really does more than asked.His lack of ambition places him at the rear of the team where stable and dependable fits well!

Santa's "Donner" Story
Donner is the eldest of the bunch and Leader, placed at the front of the team. He is very wise, but very stern and doesn't take kindly to any horsing around. Always in command, his authority never wavers. He can be rather grumpy and hard to approach, but he cares deeply about all members of his herd!

Santa's Reindeer "Prancer" Story
The youngest male, Prancer is rather shy and timid, but is so graceful that he is poetry in motion! He generally keep his head down and works as hard as he can. Once free of the harness he gives in to prancing.

Santa's Reindeer "Vixen" Story
Vixen is the eldest female. She is very calm and intelligent, acting the part of a mother most of the time and looking after the youngest of the herd. She speaks in a soft voice, and when she does everybody listens. She is mated with Cupid!

Santa's "Rudolph" Story
It is a joyful thing showing kindness toward others, and simply seeing the happiness brought by such kindness is more than enough reward. While Rudolph was originally shunned for his differences, he ends up being the hero of the story as he is able to light Santa's way through the fog.

How does it work?
Step 1: Register for the event. We mail out your medal and bib after you register. You do not have to wait for your package to earn your medal.
Step 2: Earn your medal by Running/ Walking/ Hiking/ Cycling/ Swimming/ Mountain Biking/ Rowing/ Downhill Skiing/ Cross-Country Skiing/ Snowboarding/ Skating/ Wheelchair/ Nordic Walking/ Camping/ Elliptical/ Duathlon/ Triathalon or any other way you would like.
Step 3: Update your results after you finish. Your results are only displayed on the result page if you want them to be.

What will I receive with my registration?
(9) 3.5 inch finisher medal with a colorful insert in the middle of the medal and (9) 1.5 inch colorful ribbon.
(9) Real race bib.
Price includes shipping inside the US.
Engraving plates are add on options.

What distance is this race?

1 Mile, 5K, 5 Miles, 10K, 10 Miles, 13.1 Miles, 25 Miles, 50 Miles, 100 Miles, or you have the option to select other.

How can I do a group order?
Contact Reta at:
Reta@usroadrunning.com or 717-266-2227.

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Race Manager
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