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USP& Virtual Fundraiser Run/Walk 07/30/18

Race Location Price
USP7 Virtual 1 Miler Your Location $16.99
USP7 Virtual 5K Your Location $16.99
USP7 Virtual 5 Miler Your Location $16.99
USP7 Virtual 10K Your Location $16.99
USP7 Virtual 10 Miler Your Location $16.99
USP7 Virtual 13.1 Your Location $16.99


How does it work?
Step 1: Register online at
Step 2: Run/Walk at any location and any day you want. You can use the treadmill, your own course, another race. You can run or walk the event any day, any time, or any place you want. It is not required to receive your package before you run/walk. You can run or walk by yourself or create your own event with family, friends or running group.
Step 3 (Optional): Post your photo with your medal.
Step 4 (Optional): Post your finish time to

Providing a future of possibilities. Deletion or Mutation Foundation
The Foundation for USP7-Related Diseases is a small 501(C) non-profit. Our mission is to find a cure for USP7-related disease. We do this by funding research and identifying more patients. Our 2018 goal is to raise money to begin a phenotyping typing study.


What will I receive with my registration?

3.5 inch 3D medal with colorful insert and
1.5 inch colorful ribbon.
Real race bib.
Use of the US Road Running apps.
Use of the US Road Running training log.
Encouragement from our great Facebook group when you post your finish photos.
Support from the US Road Running team by phone or email.
Credit towards the US Road Running club.
Price includes shipping inside the US.
Engraving plates and shirt are add on options.

How to Post Photos?
Option 1: Post your photos to our Facebook Group!
Option 2: Send your photos to

How to post results?
It is not required to post your time. If you would like to post your time, go to click on the training log icon on the top of the page. Your race will be listed on your training log. Click post to post your time.

How to do Group Orders?
Email or Call:

Race Manager
Reta Blue