USRR Harrisburg Area Road Runners Club (HARRC)

We never have enough different volunteers to direct the weekly Sunday Runs. Having different courses and locations each week keeps our Sunday Runs fun and interesting. Please email us at: to volunteer.

What does a Sunday Race Director do?***
      1) Go out early to a pre-measured course and put up some directional arrows or orange cones so runners know where to turn.

     2) Go back to the start and wait for the runners to arrive (which for some reason tends to be all at once in the last five to ten minutes before the start!).

     3) Jot down names on a notepad, get a wristwatch ready and tell the runners to start running.

     4) Sit around for a while, walk the dog or spend time with a friend until the runners start coming back and we record their names and finishing times.

     5) After the last person finishes, we collect any arrows and cones we have out.

     6) Sometime later that day we email with the race results and they'll get posted on the website that night or the day after.

Piece of cake! We're always looking for new courses and new Directors, even if you only do it once or twice during the year.

*** While bringing water and cookies is not "required", doing so will score you many points with the runners.

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