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Winter Series 2014/2015

  • New races!
  • New directors!
  • Expanded age divisions for the one mile series!
  • The Winter Series Online Apparel Store is now open now through November 30.
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YRRC Volunteer Webmaster

The York Road Runners Club is looking for a volunteer to update and maintain the club's website and Facebook page. If you are interested please email me at

Thanks !

Doug Barnett



The webmaster position has been filled, and thank you to all who inquired about this position.  Please continue to check our website as we will have a need for more volunteers in the near future. 

Thanks again !!

Doug Barnett



Executive Committee Meetings

Dates and Times for Executive Committee Meetings

  • Oct 13, 2014
  • Dec 2, 2014

The YRRC Executive meetings are always open to club members to express ideas and/or concerns you might have. However, so that we can schedule time accordingly to hear your message, it's always appreciated if you contact Doug Barnett ahead of time so he can schedule you into the meetings. The meetings start promptly at 6:00 pm and finish at 8:30 pm.
Meetings will be held at the The Wellspan Center, 915 Indian Rock Dam Road (corner of Indian Rock Dam Road and Richland Avenue) York , PA 17403 unless otherwise announced.

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Since 1994, the York Road Runners Club has faithfully been cleaning both sides of a 2 mile stretch of Grantley Road (between Country Club Rd., and George St.). Under the careful guidance of project initiators Jack Goodwin and Scott Madison, our commitment to keep the road clean has been met.

The job can be completed by 4 people and takes only an hour or two of your Sunday morning. If we each take a turn, we will only have to pick up once every 20 years. Please participate if you can.

Contact Bob at 717-433-1286 or

YRRC Trailer

Check out our YRRC timing trailer!

If you see this at your race, you know you have the best timing.

Click here to view more photos of the trailer.

Past Presidents of the York Road Runners Club
1976 – Dave Anderson and Gary Townsend (May . . .) 
1977 – Dave Anderson (July . . .) 
1978 – Chuck Brumley (July . . .) 
1979 - Clay Shaw (August . . .) 
1980 - Clay Shaw 
1981 - Clay Shaw 
1982 – Jack Beisel (Jan. - Feb.) 
1982 – Bill Celline (March - Oct.) 
1982 – Ron Herman 
1983 – Ron Herman 
1984 – Bob Elser 
1985 – Bob Elser 
1986 – Tom Trattner 
1987 – Tom Trattner 
1987 – Tom Trattner (until June) 
1987 – Hal Darr 
1988 – Hal Darr 
1989 – Dave Seiler
1990 – Dave Seiler
1991 – Karen Firestone
1992 – Karen Knuepfer
1982 – Bill Celline (March - Oct.) 
1982 – Ron Herman 
1983 – Ron Herman 
1984 – Bob Elser 
1985 – Bob Elser 
1986 – Tom Trattner  
1987 – Tom Trattner  
1987 – Tom Trattner (until June) 

 1987 – Hal Darr 
1988 – Hal Darr 
1989 – Dave Seiler
1990 – Dave Seiler
1991 – Karen Firestone
1992 – Karen Knuepfer
1993 – Karen Knuepfer
1994 – Karen Knuepfer 
1995 – John Luciani
1996 – John Luciani (until March)
1996 – Jeff Hines
1997 – Jeff Hines
1998 – Jeff Hines
1999 – Jeff Hines
2000– Jeff Hines 
2001 – Jeff Hines
2002 – Jeff Hines
2003 – Chris Young / Bobbi Kehr
2004 – Chris Young / Bobbi Kehr
2005 – Chris Young / Bobbi Kehr (until March)
2005 - Bob Weikert
2006 – Bob Weikert
2007 – Jan Workinger
2008 – Jan Workinger
2009 – Jan Workinger
2010 – Doug Barnett / Bob Breighner
2011 – Doug Barnett / Bob Breighner
2012 – Doug Barnett / Bob Breighner
2013 – Doug Barnett / Bob Breighner

York Road Runners Club Charter Members MAY 23, 1976
Gary Townsend 
Dave Anderson 
Ann Anderson
Phillip Anderson 
Leo Aulisio 
Mike Adler
George Aiken 
David Baskwill 
Bob Elser
Tracy Boyer 
Greg Baum 
Mike Turk
Martin Covington
Joseph Brillhart 
Kevin Frey 
Martin Covington
Aaron Grumbacher 
Beth Grumbacher 
Tim Grumbacher
Don Hall 
Jim Heffner 
Frayer Jamison
Fred Massa 
John Massa 
Tony Mingora 
Greg Maffett 
Jeff Maffett 
George Maffett
Fred Paley 
Bob Potts 
Doug Pickell
Dave Rhoads 
Brad Snell 

York Road Running Club
PO Box 2841
York, PA  17405

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