USRR Accomac 8K, YRRC WS

We are moving to a new web page in 2015 and have a number of new programs that we are adding including the club award programs.  To add the new programs, we are ending the points program March 1, 2015.  Please use your points before the end date.

Check event to see if you earn points for registering.

Points can be used for a free registration for most virtual events.

When you earn 10 points. You will see a "Use Point" button next to the "Add to Cart" button after you submit your registration. 

*Points do not have any cash value. They can not be transferred to another person. Free registration does not include shirts. Program is subject to change at any time. You do not receive points when you use your points to register.


Total Points: 1

Points Why Date Given
1 PointsGet Out and Run Program - August 20132013-08-11 20:45:29
60 PointsUS Road Running2013-08-11 20:55:18
-10 PointsSept 10K Get Out and Run2013-09-17 10:24:32
-10 PointsFree Registration2013-09-30 16:49:42
-10 PointsFree Registration2013-10-18 08:45:15
-10 PointsFree Registration2013-10-18 08:49:20
-10 PointsFree Registration2013-10-25 05:39:39
-10 PointsFree Registration2013-12-11 09:57:55
10 PointsPoints for Double registration from Dec.2014-01-10 09:30:40
-10 PointsFree Registration2014-04-15 13:08:09

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