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Winter 15 and 31 Miles Challenge

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Winter 31 Mile Challenge - Closed
Winter 15 Mile Challenge - Closed

How does the Challenge work?
Run/Walk at any location you want. You can use the treadmill, run outside, your own course, another race, or training run/walks. You do not have to run/walk the distance all at the same time. Take as long as you need. For more events go to

When are medals mailed out?
Within 15 days of registering.

How do I log miles for the Challenge?
After you register, go to the My Races and Training and start the challenge. You can log your mileage in the training log.

How to post photos?
Post your photos to our Facebook Group!

What will I receive with my registration?
1.5 inch limited edition double sided custom coin.
Price includes shipping inside the US.Shirt is an add on options.

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